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47th Annual Symposium on the American Indian - Talequah

47th Annual Symposium on the American Indian - Talequah

April 12, 2019

Northeastern State University
University Center & Webb Auditorium
Tahlequah, OK
Information: NSU - Symposium on the American Indian 
(information to this event will be forthcoming, watch this site for more details)  

The 47th Annual Symposium on the American Indian theme is Celebrating Indigenous Women. The Symposium will honor both modern and legendary matriarchs, focusing on women who have contributed to the success and growth of our Indigenous communities and families.

While not all tribes are defined as matrilineal or matriarchal, the contributions of women is ever present in Indigenous families and communities. Indigenous women serve as guides, teachers, caregivers, strategists, counselors, and cultural preservationists. Not only do they serve as leaders within their families, but also their communities, their tribes, and professions. Presentations will tell the stories of our past and present women leaders, from the most well-known and celebrated to those who are just beginning to be recognized. This will include those who have made significant contributions in the areas of law, literature, anthropology, history, art language revitalization, and others.

Keynote speakers include Tara Houska; Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox; and Erin Griffin. 

All Symposium events are free and open to the public.