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Chautauqua - Enid

Chautauqua - Enid

June 9, 2009

2009 Oklahoma Chautauqua

• June 9-13, Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Village, Enid

Oklahoma Chautauqua is historical tourism at its finest. It’s your chance to time travel to another era and meet some of history’s most illustrious characters. Historical enactments include a monologue “in character” and an opportunity to pose questions to both the visiting luminary and the scholar/presenter. Daytime workshops and lectures give further glimpses of the social, cultural, and political nuances of the era. The program is free and open to the public.

Theme — Lincoln's Legacy of Equality:
Voices on the Fringe

The 2009 bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth is an opportune time to examine the legacy of our 16th president, a legacy of freedom and equality. It is demonstrated in the lives of outspoken men and women who advocated for those on the fringe of society.


• Jefferson Davis - Portrayed by Dr. Doug Mishler
• Fredrick Douglas - Portrayed by Charles Pace
• Harriet Tubman - Portrayed by Ilene Evans
• Walt Whitman - Portrayed by Dr. Carroll Peterson
• John Ross - Portrayed by Dr. Michael Hughes

For information on specific events, contact Chautauqua Coordinator Angela Fox at: (918) 584-3333 x 19.