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Curiosity Fest will continue our long-held dedication to providing scholarship to the general public, but diverts a bit from our usual fare. We strive to reach a wider audience with fun, interactive, fast-paced, and sometimes off-beat sessions. The event is daylong and will feature humanities scholars who will share their fields of expertise. Topics will be as far-reaching as one’s imagination: unsolved mysteries, death and dying, historic costuming, current events, books and authors, poetry, war and peace, diverse cultural traditions, and more!

The festival will be capped with featured speaker Jad Abumrad, founder of NPR’s Radiolab. Abumrad’s radio show and podcasts are highly popular with people of all ages. It is broadcast on 524 stations across the country and downloaded more than nine million times a month as podcast. The show offers compelling documentaries about the human experience that draw listeners into investigations of diverse topics.

The title for the evening is “Gut Churn”, a multimedia presentation that addresses how curiosity, often manifesting as a gut-wrenching question, leads to creative solutions. Because Mr. Abumrad’s program is aired on NPR, we’ve asked OU’s NPR station KGOU to be a partner and help publicize the event.

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