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Lawton Chautauqua: "Dust Bowl" - Lawton

Lawton Chautauqua: "Dust Bowl" - Lawton

June 16, 2015

Audiences will gather together for a variety of historical enactments, workshops, and informal discussions at the 2015 Lawton Chautauqua.

This year's event will feature a Dust Bowl theme to recognize "Black Sunday," April 14, 1935, when a huge dust storm caused immense economic and agricultural damage in Oklahoma.  Evening performances at the Lawton City Hall auditorium will include first person presentations and audience questions to a historical figure in character and to a scholar portraying the character.  Two local figures (Lena Sawner, an African-American educator, and Hazel Shaw, an Oklahoma mother) and three national figures (Woody Guthrie, Ernie Pyle, and John Steinbeck) will provide a close-up view of the Dust Bowl and a broader, national perspective.  Daytime workshops at the Cameron University Fine Arts Little Theatre will explore the cultural and political nuances of the era. 

Lawton Chautauqua programs are free and open to the public.