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Oklahoma Humanities Logo

Usage Guidelines

The Oklahoma Humanities name and/or logo must appear on all printed, broadcast, and electronic materials connected with projects supported by Oklahoma Humanities funds.

Please review and adhere to the logo usage guidelines below.

Logo Artwork

The Oklahoma Humanities logo is comprised of a logo mark (the colored circle) and a logotype (our name below the circle). The relationship and spacing of the mark to the logotype should not be altered in any way. Always reproduce the logo from the electronic artwork files provided here.


The Oklahoma Humanities typeface is Avenir caps. Do not change the typeface or its size, proportion, and letter spacing.

Minimum Size: The logo should never be smaller than .625" high.


The logo is provided in TIFF and JPEG formats. These images may not display properly in your web browser. To download, choose a version below and right-click (control-click on OS X), then choose "Save as" or "Save file as" to save the image to your computer. Please email [email protected] for assistance with logo sizes or formats. 

Spot Color
TIFF (L) | TIFF (S) | JPG (L) | JPG (S) |

Two Color
TIFF (L)  | JPG (L)

Reverse (Black)


PANTONE® Process colors must be used for all spot color and 4-color jobs. Oklahoma Humanities logo colors are:
PANTONE® 1795 C Red
PANTONE® 123 C Yellow
PANTONE® 7461 C Light Blue
PANTONE® 7687 C Dark Blue

Black/White Printing

When multi-color printing is not an option, the Black or Reverse White version may be used—whichever provides the best contrast with the background upon which the logo is placed.