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OK Chautauqua - Tulsa

OK Chautauqua - Tulsa

June 5, 2012

Behind the Screen: Hollywood's Impact on American Culture

OSU-TULSA Campus - Under the white tent
700 North Greenwood Ave
Tulsa workshops are in Room 150, North Hall next to the campus fountain

Tuesday, June 5
12:00 pm Workshop: Charles Everett Pace - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Creative Economy - Gordon Parks rose from being an alienated farm economy worker to becoming a successful creative economy worker. Applying examples from his life as composer, author, painter, photographer and filmmaker, participants will explore the meaning of success and happiness in the emergent creative economy.
5:30 pm Workshop: Ilene Evans - My Harlem: the Harlem Renaissance through the eyes of its poets - This workshop will bring to life the words of the great poets of the Harlem Renaissance. Shared images from Jacob Lawrence will frame the backdrop of the great migration and the making of Harlem, the iconic home place for Black culture and art.
6:30 pm: Sisters in Song
7:25 pm: Meet your Chautauqua scholars
7:30 pm: Jack Warner portrayed by Doug A. Mishler

Wednesday, June 6
12:00 pm Workshop: Doug A. Mishler - Jack L. Warner's Golden Age Style - In this workshop, participants will explore the Social Realism that was at the heart of Jack Warner's films. From its beginnings with the gangster film Little Ceaser in 1930 to Cool Hand Luke in 1967, these social realism films were some of the greatest ever made. As a result, they transformed the nature and focus of film making.
5:30 pm Workshop: Dr. John Anderson - Highbrow Meets Lowbrow: Hollywood's Faulkner Films - In this workshop, participants will survey Hollywood films adapted from Faulkner's work that emphasized the sensational elements of lowbrow pulp genres and melodrama. The films include The Story of Temple Drake, The Tarnished Angels (adapted from Pylon), The Sound and the Fury, The Long Hot Summer, Sanctuary, and Tomorrow.
6:30 pm: Jimmy Markham
7:30 pm: Ethel Waters portrayed by Ilene Evans

Thursday, June 7
12:00 pm Workshop: Dr. John Anderson - Faulkner, Film, and Race: Intruder in the Dust - Faulkner's 1948 novel about Lucas Beauchamp, a black man accused of murdering a white man, and Chick Mallison, the white youth who helped exonerate him, was filmed the next year in Faulkner's Mississippi hometown. In this workshop, participants will explore the cultural context of race relations in which the novel and film were received.
5:30 pm Workshop: Charles Everett Pace - African Americans in the American Film Industry - Drawing upon the ideas of black film historian and critic, Donald Boogle in his book Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies and Bucks, participants will explore the history, image, and representation of Blacks in America.
6:30 pm: Bob Parker
7:30 pm: Bob Hope portrayed by William Worley

Friday, June 8
12:00 pm Workshop: William Worley - On the Road with Bob & Bing - Very possibly Hollywood's most famous duo, Bob Hope & Bing Crosby teamed up for seven "Road" pictures between 1940 & 1962. Accompanied by the intrepid Dorothy Lamour, they visited Singapore, Zanzibar, Morocco, Rio, Bali, Hong Kong & even Utopia [wherever that is!] while seldom leaving their Hollywood sound stage. The banter, sarcasm, and witty put-downs all came "spontaneously" from their store of gags as cooked up by their competing teams of personal writers. Get the inside scoop of what Bob & Bing really thought about each other, "Dottie," & their raucous times on the "Road to ... Somewhere."
5:30 pm Workshop: Ilene Evans - Early Black Radio: A Groundswell of Democracy - After learning a bit about the history of minorities in the Golden Age of Radio, participants will listen to excerpts of original broadcasts. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to be part of an original radio script: Superman Fights the KKK.
6:30 pm: Duo Sonics
7:30 pm: William Faulkner portrayed by Dr. John Anderson

Saturday, June 9
12:00 pm Workshop: William Worley - "This Bob 'Tinker Army Air Base' Hope!"-The Fabulous 50 years of Bob Hope USO Shows - While numerous Hollywood entertainers traveled thousands of miles during World War II, entertaining the troops, only Bob Hope continued the practice during peacetime occupation of Japan, wartime settings like Korea, Vietnam, and even Kuwait, all the while accompanied by singers, fellow jesters & beautiful girls [always beautiful girls!]. The stories of these visits, the recording of numerous radio shows and the filming of countless television shows, all featuring close-ups of the men & women in fighting gear, became the stuff legends are made of. In this session, participants will see how it all worked & how much of it was fueled by Bob's need to entertain "the boys."
5:30 pm Workshop: Doug A. Mishler - The Stars and Wars of Jack L. Warner - Come share the private stories of Jack and his usually contentious and always fascinating interactions with his amazing collection of stars from "the genius writer" Daryl F. Zanuck to "that runt actor" James Cagney, to "that bastard director" John Huston.
6:30 pm: Duo Sonics
7:30 pm: Gordon Parks portrayed by Charles Everett Pace