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Oklahoma Humanities Council Offers Program to Breathe New Life Into Health Care Community

Oklahoma Humanities Council Offers Program to Breathe New Life Into Health Care Community

Oklahoma City, OK – The Oklahoma Humanities Council (OHC) is offering an exciting new opportunity to health care organizations across the state called Literature & Medicine: Humanities at the Heart of Healthcare®. This national program, created by the Maine Humanities Council, encourages participants to connect their professional lives with the broader scope of the human experience. That connection is facilitated by a humanities scholar who facilitates discussions on a variety of literature. Participants report deeper empathy for patients and fellow staff, better communication skills, and increased job satisfaction. Oklahoma is now one of 26 states hosting this program.

Each program will include six sessions held within a health care facility. A scholar, with at least an MA in literature or another humanities-based field, will create a syllabus for the program and facilitate the discussion of the six sessions. The syllabus will be tailored to address the concerns and needs of the participating institution and will include readings based in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. “We hope that as participants explore the texts, they will acquire new insight into the patient’s perspective, gain respect for their colleagues, and feel revitalized in their work,” says Kelly Elsey, OHC Program Officer.

The Oklahoma Humanities Council has set a requirement of 10-25 participants at each host site. This number will be large enough to allow for a varied discussion but small enough to allow all members to be able to voice their opinions. The program is open to all professionals within the health care facility and diversity in participants will be sought. Each participant will be encouraged to commit to all six sessions.

Program sessions will be held in the evening and include a communal meal. A hospital liaison will handle logistics and distribute readings. The scholar will facilitate each session by centering the conversation on the readings for the session.

For additional information about this program, contact Kelly Elsey at (405) 235-0280 or [email protected].