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Placemaking through Storytelling: History and Stories - OKC

Placemaking through Storytelling: History and Stories - OKC

March 9, 201910:00 AM

BlackSpace Oklahoma in collaboration with the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma, will introduce their organization and initiatives with the lecture series: Placemaking Through Storytelling. Throughout the month of March in the Auditorium at the Historic Page Woodson, this OH-sponsored lecture series will explore community assets, values, identities, and ideas, within Black neighborhood spaces. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019: 10:00 AM 
History & Storytelling Panel Discussion
The Auditorium at The Douglass
600 N. High Ave.
Oral History Booth
Multipurpose Space at the Douglass

Panel discussion will be moderated by Gina Sofola and include discussions with:
-Dr. Rachel Jackson, Professor of English at The University of Oklahoma and is a certified digital storytelling workshop facilitator;
-Dr. Tracy Floreani, Director of the Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film & Literature at Oklahoma City University;
-Dr. Joshua Nelson, Director of Film and Media Studies at The University of Oklahoma;
-Dr. Joy Pendley, Professor of Political Science and Research Scientist at the Center for Applied Social Research at The University of Oklahoma;
-Dr. George Henderson, Director of the advanced studies program of the Department of Human Relations at The University of Oklahoma. 

The oral history booth is open to all community members and will be available in the multipurpose space adjacent to The Auditorium. 

Placemaking through Storytelling series schedule:

Saturday, March 2nd | 10:00A - 12:30P
Saturday, March 9th | 10:00A - 12:30P
Saturday, March 16th | 9:00A - 4:00P (community storytelling sessions)
Saturday, March 30th | 10:00A - 12:30P