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Red Dirt Book Festival in Shawnee

Red Dirt Book Festival in Shawnee

November 5, 2009

Red Dirt Book Festival

Information: 405/275-6353

"Imagine Oklahoma" is the conversational theme for the 4th biennial Red Dirt Book Festival. Events will be held in Shawnee, November 5-7, at the Expo Center and on the campuses of Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University. A few of the many programs include:

Pitfalls & Opportunities of Writing Oklahoma History
Presenters: Doug Hale, David Levy, Patti Loughlin, John Lovett, B. Byron Price, Linda Reese
Oklahoma scholars and historians provide a thoughtful assessment of history-writing about Oklahoma at the present moment—its strengths, weaknesses, unfinished tasks and opportunities.

Two Southwests: Poetry, Stories and Photography from the U.S. and China
Presenters: Nathan Brown, Ken Hada, Steven Schroeder
Poets Nathan Brown, Ken Hada, and Steven Schroeder will present a multi-form montage of poetry and photography of these two “Southwests.”

Women’s Roles in Fiction and Society
Presenters: Jordan Dane, Dayna Dunbar, Susan Kates, Sharon Sala
“You've come a long way, Baby”: the famous slogan from the seventies still echoes today. The roles of women in society, as portrayed in fiction, have changed dramatically in the last half century. Noted authors and scholars will discuss these changes and how they are represented in literature.