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Symposium on the American Indian - Tahlequah

Symposium on the American Indian - Tahlequah

April 16, 2018

Northeastern State University
University Center & Webb Auditorium
Tahlequah, OK
Information: NSU - Symposium on the American Indian  

The 46th Annual Symposium on the American Indian theme is “Walking with our Ancestors: Preserving Culture and Honoring Tradition." The Symposium will provide a space for our Indigenous community to examine our history and reflect on how our collective past influences who we are today.

There are many who believe American Indians are only a part of the past, not the present nor the future. On the contrary we are still here preserving our culture and honoring our traditions by incorporating this knowledge into our present day professional careers. While our Indigenous communities may look different, we have still managed to maintain our identity and hold fast to our language, sovereignty, and way of living. Humanities scholars Dr. Daniel Wildcat, Daryl Baldwin, and Dr. Elizabeth Homer will share perspectives related to this theme.

All Symposium events are free and open to the public.