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Thoughts on Planned Giving

When you think of the Oklahoma Humanities Council, what key words or phrases come to your mind?
Stimulating, valuable, respected.

What aspect of OHC’s work gives you the most satisfaction?
OHC is serving our entire state, not just metropolitan areas such as Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The Council offers a wide variety of programs and grant support to foster humanities projects. Museum on Main Street is just one example: the program is a partnership between OHC and the Smithsonian Institution to bring museum quality exhibits to small communities that would otherwise never have access to such prestigious programming.

What inspired you to become an OHC donor?
As a former Chair and member of the OHC Board of Trustees, I know firsthand that the organization accomplishes its mission with care and stewards donor gifts in a responsible way. Supporting the Council financially helps make the humanities accessible to all citizens and Oklahoma a richer, better place to live and thrive.

Is there an important moment, person, or special occasion at OHC that influenced your decision?
During my time on the OHC Board, I witnessed the broad impact of the Council’s programming and grants on the cultural life of our State. I have seen the organization weather transitions and fluctuations in funding, yet remain strong, stable, and immeasurably important to our State.

What was the single most important consideration in your decision to make a planned gift to OHC?
I value the humanities—how discussion and engagement with disciplines like jurisprudence, literature, ethics, and comparative religion help us better understand ourselves and the world we live in.

What prompted you to make your gift at this particular time?
I recently reviewed my estate plan, and took time to reflect on the value I place on the many charitable and educational organizations with which I’ve been involved. I realized that by making a planned gift—or making arrangements for part of my estate to be distributed—to those organizations, I could help sustain their good works for future generations. I’m proud to be part of the effort to sustain the Oklahoma Humanities Council and its work.