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Winter Chautauqua: Emily Dickinson - Enid

Winter Chautauqua: Emily Dickinson - Enid

February 10, 2018

Northwestern Oklahoma State University
2929 E. Randolph Ave
Enid, OK  73701
Information: 580/237-1907 (for Enid Chautauqua in the Park)

Enid's Winter Chautauqua 2018 presents the fascinating story of Emily Dickinson as portrayed by Debra Conner.  Two workshops at 10:30am and 12:00pm will be held in the campus Boardroom. Ms. Conner's feature presentation will be in the Campus Commons and start at 7:00 pm.

Aware of her peculiarities, Dickinson once described herself as being "The only kangaroo among the beauty." Among Scholars, Dickinson's unconventional lifestyle has generated much debate. Was she mentally ill? Or did she consciously choose her unusual lifestyle in order to devote herself completely to her art? The one-hour workshop at 10:30 will look at Dickinson's eccentricities, at some possible diagnoses, and attempt to answer that question.

Dickinson penned over 1700 poems during her lifetime, yet only a few were published. She died an unknown poet. Dickinson's posthumous path to publication is one of the most fascinating stories in all of literature and will be explained in the hour long Power Point  presentation at 12:00.

Nicknamed "The Myth" for her reclusive habits and her custom of dressing exclusively in white, Dickinson published fewer than twelve poems during her lifetime. Called Back, the 7:00 performance, brings Emily Dickinson out of hiding, affording a rare glimpse into the world of this eccentric genius. Dickinson transports her guests back to the mid-1800s where she discusses her poetry, her family and friends, her education, her religious beliefs, and her need to withdraw from society.

Winter Chautauqua is free and open to the public.