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Why I Give to OHC

While serving on the executive committee of the Northwestern OSU Foundation Board of Directors, I traveled to meetings in Alva from my home in Enid once per month—for eleven years. To avoid the monotony and boredom of the drive, I began to scout all the different routes for the trip. I drove through every small town in Northwest Oklahoma.

After I was appointed to the Board of the Oklahoma Humanities Council (OHC) by Governor Henry, I learned that some of these small towns were benefitting from grants and humanities programs sponsored by OHC. I knew these programs were a boon to rural communities, so in my travels I began to stop at schools and libraries to drop off brochures on the educational opportunities that OHC could help underwrite.

I was surprised that many of these organizations had not really heard about OHC and the good works we make happen every day. Pretty soon, applications from schools, libraries, museums, and community festivals started to pour into our office and we were pleased to help fund most of them. Next came the wonderful thank-you notes from grateful librarians, teachers, and community leaders.

It still amazes me that small grants from OHC can make such a big difference in small-town Oklahoma. A little seed money from the Council encourages funding from local donors and businesses and, together, we make a big impact on the cultural life of individuals and communities. That is one of the many reasons I give to OHC and I would encourage all of you to consider OHC in your gifting plans.