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The Case for Curiosity 
      By Ann Thompson

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The Editor's Desk
      By Carla Walker

Excerpt: Leonardo Da Vinci
      By Walter Isaacson

Questions and Answers
 Queries for the reference librarian.
      By Peter A. Gilbert

Rabbit Holes, Revolution, Redemption, Repeat
 Time travel among the archives.
      By Larry Johnson

Arrows to Atoms
 Curiosity in the age of the internet.
      By Katherine Pandora

Raising the Red Flag
 Oklahoma's first state flag. 
      By Rachel C. Jackson

Hidden Hatred 
 The coded language of today's neo-Nazi's.
      By Mark Alexander

The Stenographer's Brain 
      By Dorothy Alexander

Alice Underground 
 Fun facts from Wonderland.

John, William, and Alice in Wonderland
 Stories that inspired John Lennon.
     By Kevin Shortsleeve

Curiouser and Curiouser!
Inquisitive minds in children's literature.
     By Kevin Shortsleeve

River of Doubt
 Mapping the unknown.
      By Peter A. Gilbert

Poetry: Darwin's Curiosity
      By Carol Hamilton & Jessica Goodfellow

Ode to a Condiment
 The museum of mustard.
      By Elaine Warner

Tasting the World
 In praise of culinary curiosity.
     By Pamela Chew

A Fisherman's Tale
     By Diane Boze

The Enchanted Loom
 On man, mind, memory, and machines.
     By Lewis H. Lapham

Da Vinci and the woodpecker.
     By Walter Isaacson

Noteworthy from the Board of Trustees 
      By Ken Fergeson