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Perspective from the Executive Director 
      By Caroline Lowery

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The Editor's Desk 
      By Carla Walker

Miller Time: When the End Wasn't
The man who predicted the end of the world.
      By Matt McCook

 A Literary Take on Time
Stories and poems reveal our obsession with time. 
      By Christopher Malone

The New Year: A Touchstone for Time
The ritual and revelry of marking the New Year.
      By Alexis McCrossen

Oklahoma Poets
 Perspectives on Time. 

A writer's search for what endures. 
      By Stephen Goodwin

 Against Tinsel and Trickery: Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway
Communicating the tenuous threads of connection. 
      By John Bruce

Time Is a Tiger 
The imaginative worlds of Jorge Luis Borges. 
      By Pedro Blas Gonzalez

Patience And Other Lessons of Time 
     By Pamela Chew

Losing Time -- And Finding It 
Memories are the true timekeepers.
     By Kimberly Roblin

From the Board of Trustees | 2018 Annual Report   
      By Dr. Scott LaMascus