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Oklahoma Humanities Forges Ahead  
      By Ann Thompson

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The Editor's Desk 
      By Carla Walker

Excerpt: A Perilous Path
A conversation with Bryan Stevenson.
      Interview by Anthony C. Thompson

Bending the Arc of the Moral Universe
 Martin Luther King, Jr., embraced the label of extremist. 
      By Hasan Kwame Jeffries

Poetry: Reflections on Justice
      By Paul Bowers and Dorothy Alexander

To Kill a Mockingbird
 Harper Lee's shifting views of justice. 
      By Paul Lehman

Between You and Me
 Oklahoma - first in mass incarceration. 
      By Ryan Gentzler

Poetic Justice
 Ellen Stackable on taking poetry to prison. 
      Interview by Julie Ann Ward

Unintended Consequences
  How the Supreme Court shaped federal Indian policy. 
      By Lindsay G. Robertson

Justice Like Water
 "Social" and "justice" create community.
     By Harold Shank

Quilt of Democracy
 Clara Luper's vantage still rings true.
     Interview by Paul Lehman

Noteworthy from the Board of Trustees  
      By Dr. Scott LaMascus